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Burial Options

at Riverview Memorial Gardens Cemetery

casket for burial

The time of death is traumatic, an occasion of considerable emotional and financial strain. In these circumstances, it is extremely difficult to make prudent decisions. Take the opportunity now to spare your family the added burden of making last minute burial arrangements at a time when they will be least prepared. Just as there are many choices for most of the decisions you make in life, today’s burial and memorialization options are diverse and, ultimately, personal. All arrangements for entombment can be made in advance. A counselor is available to assist you when considering the many options available as well as to make an informed decision about your funeral and cemetery arrangements. Take your time to discuss and explore the many options available for memorialization at our Cemetery.

Burial Options


Private Family Estates
An individual or family can design the perfect private "garden" estate to accommodate as many or as few people as desired. This can be burial space, cremation space, a private mausoleum-or a combination of any or all of these forms of memorialization.

Traditional Burialwith a granite or bronze on granite marker:

  • Traditional casket or cremation urn burial
  • Single-grave lots
  • Companion monument lots
  • Family estates

Our cemetery has a plentiful selection of traditional ground burial sections in several locations throughout the cemetery.

Mausoleum Entombment
Entombment is the interment of human remains in a tomb or crypt, and today is most often referred to as above-ground interment.

Green Burial
Simple and natural. Green burial, or natural burial, ensure the burial site remains as natural as possible in all respects. Interment of the bodies is done in a bio-degradable casket, shroud, or a favorite blanket. No embalming fluid, no concrete vaults.

Cremation Burial Options

cremation burial

Cremation Burial
With a granite or bronze on granite marker.

A columbarium is an arrangement of niches designed to hold urns containing cremated remains. Beautiful and serene, columbariums offer the option of bronze or glass-front niches. The glass front niches allow for visible creative and personalized memorialization for individuals or multiple family members. Sheltered and handicapped-accessible, columbariums provide comfort and convenience.

Mausoleum Niches
A peaceful location surrounded by nature, this option is available for those preferring outdoor, above-ground placement of cremated remains. This granite columbarium contains niches that can hold either single or companion placements.

Tree-Ring Cremation Gardens
A new concept in cremation memorialization, Tree-Ring Gardens is a small, elegantly landscaped garden providing for economical individual placement of cremated remains.

Traditional Cremation Gardens
We offer several traditional cremation ground-burial options including all gardens in the park surrounded in the beauty of nature.

Give us a call and we will walk you through the options and associated costs.